Turkish Airlines chairman appointed as the CEO of Air India

The Tata Group announced Monday that former Turkish Airlines Chairman Ilker Ayci has been appointed as the Managing Director and CEO of Air India, which it took over from the government last month.

Who is Ilker Ayci?

Ilker Ayci has been the chairman of Turkish Airlines since 2015, and the carrier announced his departure on January 27, the same day the Centre handed over Air India to the Tatas.

In the year 1971, Ayci was born in Istanbul. According to the Tata Group, he graduated from Bilkent University’s Department of Political Science and Public Administration in 1994. He completed an International Relations Master’s degree at Marmara University in Istanbul in 1997 after a research stay in political science at Leeds University in the United Kingdom in 1995. He was appointed Chairman of the Investment Support and Promotion Agency of the Republic of Turkey in 2011.

During his professional career, Ayci worked as an advisor in the Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul for the then-Mayor of Istanbul, Recep Tayyip Erdoan, where he was involved in a number of development projects in Turkey’s largest metropolis. Turkey’s President, Erdoan, is currently in office.

Why was Ayci appointed as the MD and CEO of Air India?

The Tata Group has set its sights on appointing an international executive to lead the airline. Before naming Ayci for the position, the conglomerate interviewed a number of individuals, including those who are currently or have previously worked for European and American airlines. This aligns with the group’s goal of reviving the airline’s global brand.

“Ilker is an aviation industry veteran who brought Turkish Airlines to its current success during his stint there,” Tata Group Chairman N Chandrasekaran said in a statement. We are ecstatic to welcome Ilker to the Tata Group, where he will lead Air India into the future.”

Are there any other Indian airlines with foreign CEOs?

Yes, for a long time, Indian airline marketers have been hunting for those with international experience to pilot their aircraft.
Phee Teik Yeoh and Leslie Thng, Singapore natives, were the CEOs of the Tata Group-Singapore Airlines joint venture airline Vistara.
Cornelis Vrieswijk and Wolfgang Prock-Schauer, among others, have worked in GoAir’s corner office.
IndiGo’s top management has included a number of foreigners. Ronojoy Dutta, the company’s CEO, is a US citizen. Prock-Schauer currently serves as President and Chief Operating Officer, and Willy Boulter serves as Chief Commercial Officer

UNION BUDGET 2022 – What’s for Entrepreneurs?

The pandemic has disrupted the world and our lives drastically as we knew it and changed the very course of living. After a two-year of pandemic life, things are slowly starting to look up, although a third wave is raising and business people are still hoping that the worst is behind us, and it is time for the entrepreneurs to make the necessary changes to move towards the other side of the world. If you are an upcoming entrepreneur take a glimpse at our latest blog!

A major problematic area for small and young businesses in India is the availability of working capital. For every entrepreneur, there must exist a hassle-free procedure to get paper works ready and sanctioning of loans required. As loans and finance procedures have to be eased for the start-ups and Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), which is the backbone of India’s manufacturing sector. The collateral-free business loans along with zero service fees make the finance part hassle-free for the set up for new entrants, and loans should be available at a very nominal rate of interest to the entrepreneurs.

The Union Budget 2022

The Union Budget 2022-23 presented on February 01, 2022, by the Finance Minister of India, Nirmala Sitharaman made fresh announcements for the start-ups in the country and provides ease of doing business for the start-ups and Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). For the Indian start-up ecosystem, the finance minister announced the extension of the tax holiday up to March 2023. The government also increased Emergency Credit Line Guarantee Scheme (ECLGS) from Rs 50,000 crore to Rs 5 lakh crore, which will help millions of MSMEs impacted by COVID-19 to receive support.

The interconnectivity of MSME platforms such as Udyam, e-Shram, NCS, and Aseem portals shall improve entrepreneurial opportunities and facilitate operability for small and medium businesses in the country. Let’s check out the major takeaways for Entrepreneurs from the Union Budget 2022.

1. Financing from NABARD

The budget for the year 2022 states to provide funds through NABARD to finance start-ups for agriculture and rural enterprise, relevant for farm produce value chain. The start-ups supporting food producer organizations, farm rental services, and IT-based support for Agriculture are eligible for funding under the scheme. Start-ups will also support FPOs and provide technological learnings to farmers for better crop management and promoting chemical-free, natural farming in the country.

2. Business 2.0

In order to improve the ease of living and business, the government has introduced the digitization of manual processes in this year’s budget. It includes integration of state and central units, and the removal of overlapping compliances under this scheme which shall encourage more investment in start-ups. Moreover, the policies rolled out will result in the extensive use of technology in building business across the country and have eliminated unneeded compliances and repealed laws.

3. Concession in Corporate Tax

There is an extension of concessional corporate tax of 15% till march 2024 for newly incorporated domestic industries and manufacturing units stated in the budget of FY’22-23. Moreover, this concession can bring parity between the surcharge for long-term capital gains which shall encourage more mergers and acquisitions, which is a wonderful step forward for Fintech start-up entrepreneurs.

4. Start-up Tax holiday scheme

Budget 2021 has extended the start-up tax holiday scheme to start-ups incorporated till March 31, 2023. As the number of new start-ups increased in 2021 for the first time in six years, the tax holiday extension can help to build a dynamic start-up environment in the country. Also, start-ups can avail of the exemption provided that annual turnover does not exceed INR 25 Cr in any financial year.

5. Budget allocated for Drone Shakti

Firstly, the Drone Shakti program stated in the budget shall be promoted to facilitate the use of Drone as a service (DrAAS) for varied applications. Secondly, in order to upskill the youth, required courses are provided regarding drones at ITI’s in several states. Finally, Kisan drones are to be adopted which shall be used to promote crop assessment, land record digitization, and fertilizer spraying.

6. Budget allocated for Defence R&D

The Defence Research & Development shall be unbolted for start-ups. With 25% of the amount to defence R&D allocated to private industries and start-ups in order to design and develop military platforms and equipment. This can boost the growth of technology provided by start-ups in the country as the earlier proposed Public-Private Partnership Scheme (PPP).


Although there is an extension of tax holidays to start-ups for another year, nearly 99% of start-ups that don’t have IMB certifications may not be eligible to avail of the benefits and do not address the core needs of start-ups. Also, when it comes to extending support to women entrepreneurs in the country, the Union Budget addressed very little, given the hardship faced by women-owned businesses. The existing start-ups who are struggling to survive don’t have much benefit coming from the new budget announcement by Union Government. The government should provide added support in assisting start-ups through policies and support mechanisms towards domestic capital participation. Measures have to be taken in promoting more women to become entrepreneurs by providing incentives to set up incubators, tax exemptions in FDIs, and relaxing taxes for start-ups.

The pandemic has taken a huge toll on start-ups in the country and, with the slowing down of the economy and lack of funding, the sustainability of start-ups remains a big concern. The provisions such as the extension of tax holiday and exemption of capital gains will certainly help to boost the investment in the start-ups. Lowering the compliance burden, reducing residency requirements, and setting up of seed fund corpus is a welcome move to encourage new start-ups in the eyes of entrepreneurs.

How Mentorkart is Taking India by Storm

Mentokart is a tech based mentoring platform that provides plenty of specialized mentorship programs not only for students but for working professionals and entrepreneurs as well. It is a Delhi based start up that was started in 2020 by Ashish Khare and SK Mohanty. The start up offers various programs such as live mentoring programs, goal based programs and a lot more. It has received funding by the veteran actor Ashish Vidyarthi.

Why is Mentorkart successful:

Mentorkart saw the need for mentors in the market and tapped this opportunity. It became famous for it’s unique coaching programs and it’s well experienced mentors. It provides live sessions with industry experts, one on one sessions with mentors and masterclasses which have contributed immensely to their success. Not only does it have a dedicated team who formulate various personal and professional goals for it’s mentees, it also has mentors who guide them with their wisdom and industry experience. It offers programs like student mentorship program, entrepreneurship program etc. It has mentors who have worked in Big 4 and fortune 500 companies. Currently, they have 40,000 plus mentees enrolled on their platform.

Funding for the mentoring startup:

The mentoring start up has raised 2,50,000 dollars in November 2021 through it’s extended round of funding. It has raised funds from various sources such as Let’s Venture and veteran actor and motivational speaker Ashish Vidyarthi. It plans to invest all the money into improving it’s technology capabilities, building news products and expanding it’s teams.

Other companies that also provide mentoring:

There are various companies that provide mentoring in various fields such as business, design, career etc. Some of the online mentoring platforms are iMentor which provides guidance to students coming from low income backgrounds so that they can graduate high school and college. Envelop is another platform that provides guidance and educational courses to performers and listeners in the music industry. It also conducts workshops to help out it’s mentees.

5 mistakes that young entrepreneurs must avoid

To Err is Human! People often make mistakes in life and tend to learn from them. Life is never a bed of roses! Similarly, the entrepreneurial journey is full of trial and error which cannot be dodged. Making small mistakes in such a high cadre may cost one more than they might have imagined. But sometimes peers stop young entrepreneurs from making such mistakes which they realise sooner or later. Stated below are some of the mistakes pointed out by pioneers as these could be and should be avoided.

Trying to act too smart

Being an entrepreneur comes with great passion, consistency, stress and sincerity. Also, there is a small chance that entrepreneurs often tend to think, “only” they do the job well and others don’t contribute much towards the company. This is absolutely common but one shouldn’t act like they know everything and ignore others’ suggestions. This will never yield loyal and honest employees. Moreover, small businesses succeed only with teamwork so, one must always remember to include team members in any of their decisions. Being an entrepreneur, the person might know in and out about their product/service but one shouldn’t fail to split work between their group. So, if you are a young entrepreneur try to plan activities carefully well in advance and avoid these types of mistakes.

Entreprenuers waiting for customers to find them

“If we provide a quality product, customers will come” is a common belief among young and new entrepreneurs. Competition among businesses has gotten stronger but not the reverse, with the influence of social media and the internet. So waiting for customers to reach a business just by word of mouth is mere foolishness. Poor marketing and not spotting the target audience are some of the common mistakes that need to be avoided. Additionally, a business executive must try to contribute funds towards growing their customer base and conduct interesting campaigns by making use of digital platforms. One must not solely focus on digital, but broaden their business by concentrating also on the traditional marketing methods. Hence, one must assign a strong marketing team to find the right mix of target and passive audiences for a business. 

Choosing of wrong partners/investors

Investing at the right time is as important as not investing with the wrong team. Entrepreneurs must make sure that they never choose investors or partners who aim just at profits. Small business involves both downfall and success, a partner must be ready to stand with the firm in any of these circumstances. Moreover, young entrepreneurs must make a business plan and strategize their methods of income before relying only on their idea. If you are interested check out our blog on Funding. Also, one must calculate the actual funds required and the excess funds that they plan to have before involving the first set of investors. After all this process, one must be able to interact with the investors and find the best one who focuses both on growth and sustainability.

Focussing on growth only

Aiming at the goal is good but at times, an entrepreneur must try to jump into the shoes of their customers and have a look at their business. Firstly, One must consider their needs and alter their possibilities accordingly because the market functions in a customer-centric approach. Secondly, on aiming at growth, one must try not to experiment with things hastily without proper and sufficient research. Finally, young businesspeople must remember that small business stands strong on the foundation of various factors like customer base, marketing, pricing, customer relationship management, etc. 

Financial mismanagement in business

Managing one’s funds is equally important as one’s idea. Firstly, wasting money by investing too much in setup and workspace at the beginning leads to debts and failures. An entrepreneur must think twice before spending their money. So, one must keep an account of their expenditure and tax filings. Hence, bookkeeping, financial statements, projections and financing are the building blocks for a successful business. You can also refer to some books like The richest man in Babylon for more ideas.

Secondly, one must not allow everyone to handle their money. Thus business executives must allot trustworthy employees to keep an account of all these accounts because being stable is more important than growing exponentially. Finally, remember that there are many more real-time problems one might encounter but mustn’t give up due to a failure! 

Mistakes are common and can be avoided easily with professional guidance and by concentrating on minute things. But, the role of an entrepreneur in the economic development of a country is crucial. Also, one must never be afraid of their failure, every mistake is a path to success. In conclusion, each person must try to learn from yesterday to create a brighter tomorrow. Also, young entrepreneurs must step up with their ideas to contribute to Make in India and a better future. For more such blogs stay tuned with us!

4 more Industries AI is transforming today

AI in Fin-Tech

Financial establishments are the use of AI to make higher guidelines to clients and greater considerate choices business enterprise-wide. Many fin-tech companies use artificial intelligence to provide personalized banking services to their customers and Goals as AI advances, we can expect more personalized banking services to emerging. In general, AI applications seek to increase revenue or reduce costs, but when it comes to fraud prevention, AI does both: reimburse the customer involved in the cost, and the revenue does both. Loss due to the inability to invest this money. Moreover, in 2016, $ 16 billion was stolen from fraud and identity theft, making it one of the largest uses of AI. By analyzing customer activity, location and buying habits, fraud detection models can flag events that appear suspicious or unusual.

Kami, a chatbot business enterprise centred on banking and monetary offerings corporations, makes use of AI to imitate human logical reasoning skills. Its era analyses chat conversations to apprehend the specific occasions and private options of every purchaser, illuminating buy mentality, bias, and different subtleties that lie below the surface. This permits monetary corporations to supply customized advice, in addition, to find out beneficial insights approximately their purchaser base. For example, a financial institution should use such learning to ensure its subsequent advertising and marketing campaign reaches comparable consumers.

The monetary area is predicated on real-time reporting, accuracy, and processing of excessive volumes of quantitative statistics, in which AI can beautify the processes. The finance enterprise is swiftly enforcing chatbots, automation, algorithmic trading, adaptive intelligence, and gadget getting to know into monetary operations. For instance, Robo-advisor, an automatic portfolio manager, turned into certainly considered one among the largest monetary tendencies of 2018.

A few examples of the way synthetic intelligence transforms the monetary enterprise: Betterment makes use of AI to find out about an investor and create a customized investor profile primarily based totally on their monetary plans. Numerai is an AI-powered hedge fund that makes use of crowdsourced gadgets getting to know from many statistics scientists worldwide.

AI in IT and Social Media

With more than 3.6 billion active profiles and approximately US $ 45 billion in annual revenue, social media is constantly fighting to personalize and improve user experience. AI can organize large amounts of data, recognize images, predict cultural change, and implement chatbots. Technology can create or destroy the future of social media. Similarly, machine learning enables social media to detect fake news, hate speech, and other antisocial activities in real-time.

Many organizations have struggled to cope with today’s cyber security landscape. The introduction of AI in this industry will lead to revolutionary changes. The research report argues that the adoption of AI in cyber security can find attackers before they lead to any type of attack. Artificial intelligence technology is capable of learning and adapting to the current environment and threat landscape. The introduction of advanced security was made possible by the introduction of artificial intelligence technology. Most businesses today have access to vast amounts of data on the Internet, but many lack the tools to unlock the value that information can bring. AI can help uncover information that will enable you to better manage your resources and better serve your customers.

Digital-Genius automates parts of the customer service process by using neural networks to predict useful responses to customer inquiries. If Digital-Genius displays an acceptable response to a customer chat message, a customer service representative can respond to the request with one click. American test preparation company Magoosh is cutting customer request queues in half.

Chatbots that offer services like booking services in restaurants, airlines, or searches in FAQ without being a friendly companion, belong to Interpersonal chatbots. Intrapersonal chatbots are close companions that live in the user’s domain and understand his needs. They are usually connected to messenger applications like Slack and WhatsApp. Finally, Inter-agent chatbots provide communication with other chatbots. Alexa and Cortana are two chatbots that were integrated to communicate with each other. Additionally, you can also take a glimpse at the Harvard Business Review collection for more information.

AI in Logistics, Retail and E-Commerce

In one of the most competitive industries, retailers are finding innovative ways to differentiate themselves and add value through artificial intelligence. Firstly, artificial intelligence is applied in many ways throughout the life cycle of products and services. Here are some of the tough AI use cases in retail. Secondly, some retailers also use artificial intelligence to provide customers with personalized recommendations. Frank and Oak require the use of artificial intelligence to provide personalized field check-in for each customer by asking a series of questions. Amazon is another example of the use of artificial intelligence that provides featured products based on past searches and purchase history.

Thirdly, chatbots have improved significantly in recent years. While they have not been able to completely replace a customer service representative, they are good at answering simple questions and are used to direct customers to the right support group. What’s more interesting than chatbots is a robot assistant: pepper, a robot developed by Softbank, a social humanoid robot used in physical retail stores to interact with customers and provide assistance. When you think of automated warehouses, you probably think of Amazon warehouses with hundreds of thousands of mobile robots that move inventory from point A to point B. And while this is true, the reality is much more than that inventory levels are optimized, resulting in fewer space requirements, lower shipping costs, and lower overall costs.

Finally, artificial intelligence technology will transform retail in the coming years. In fact, in the “big box” world, retail is extremely slow to adopt artificial intelligence technologies. Since retail adoption clearly depends on the impact of AI in related industries such as manufacturing, supply chain logistics and CRM. AI is transforming the supply chain management industry. AI-powered applications are useful for procurement optimization, intensification, supply chain planning, warehouse management, logistics and transportation.

AI in Education

Artificial intelligence can be of great benefit to education. Technology will influence education in many ways, including supporting curricula, games, and software. Moreover, technology can improvise the entire educational process from class to student certification. Help students and organizations transform their activities and achieve excellence in their practice. Also, AI tutors can be another option that will provide students with a great space to improve their learning by following these AI tutors. Additionally, AI is also being used in education to develop new strategies to help people learn.

Synap is an online platform that allows students to create and share multiple-choice tests to help each other learn. The company combines predictive algorithms with the latest research in neuroscience to create customized learning plans for each student, resulting in a program that can ask the right questions exactly when students are most likely to remember the question. It is not uncommon for one in four UK medical students to use the app in 2016. To know more about how AI works do check out our blog!

Impact of Technology in Business Operations

Technology has impacted how businesses operate in one way or the other. It has mainly helped small businesses to grow or to thrive in their marketplace through proper planning for future expansion. Technology has also led the way in revolutionizing the way organizations operates. There are many examples to show how the technological changes have brought significant changes on how an organizations plan, operate and also helped in taking efficient decisions. Technological advances or changes and the improved access to data are some of the reasons for the change in the way we do business nowadays. Examples include:

Cloud-Based Data or Cloud data

We all are very much familiar with the word cloud data and the applications it provides. Cloud data are hosted by a third party and are accessed through a proper internet connection. It is a medium for storing and accessing data for future usage. It has many advantages over physical mediums. Some of which is it is easy to use, scalable etc. There are many companies such as Amazon, IBM, Google which offer a wide range of cloud data management and processing services. 

Social Media for Business

As we all know social media is the world’s largest pool for market research and it is used by millions of people. The value of Social media to marketers comes from the people’s responses such as that of the like, share, or retweet. They can use this information which is gained from these to inspect what are they thinking and feeling of people, what is working for them and what is not in terms of various campaigns and through this they can find out the best ways to engage their audience or viewers. This data generated in this method can be used for various functions such as market research, to determine brand health, for measuring the satisfaction of clients in various groups and for campaign optimization.

Web Analytics for Business

Web analytics is the process of extracting the online behaviour of data and then analyzing it to increase the user experience on the particular website and thus increasing the conversion, engagement and sales. Google Analytics is one such tool that helps in diving deeply into the website and helps in measuring and reporting on user engagement and behaviour. The information thus obtained is used to tell or to build a story about how a particular user is engaging with the brand, time spent on the particular page, the search terms which helped them get to the page etc. On the other hand, the contents of the website can be made personalized to provide a unique or better experience based on the behaviour of each user.

Impact on the Operating Costs

To reduce business costs, small business owners can use technology.  Basic enterprise software helps an organization or company to automate back-office functions, such as accounting, record keeping, and also payroll whereas mobile tech allows the home offices to interact in real-time.

Securing the sensitive information

Securing the information of various forms are necessary. Thus, business owners can also use technology to create secure and safe environments for maintaining those sensitive or consumer information. Many types of software programs are very user friendly and easy to use and thus allow the business owners who have only very less knowledge in information technology to use most of those features.

What the hell is “Omnichannel” Marketing?

Every now and then you hear buzzwords floating around in the world of Marketing and Finance that will catch your attention. One such phrase that came into my sphere of perception recently is “Omnichannel” Marketing. Even though presently I am studying in a business school, this word wasn’t ever a part of the college curriculum.

So now that I got your attention let us see what it is exactly.

Omnichannel marketing refers to creating your brand’s presence across multiple online and offline channels while ensuring a positive and seamless experience throughout the customer journey.

Here the key words are ‘positive’ and ‘seamless’ because often for consumers the reason why they may move out from a brand to another is because of negative customer experiences. This means today every brand has to take their omnichannel marketing strategies very seriously and mold it in such a way that it gives the consumer a net positive experience.

Why is it Important Today?

Omnichannel Marketing is essential primarily because it helps a brand guide a customer’s experience at every stage of their lifecycle, reduce churn, and drive and build an overall positive reputation.

A good example of this is Disney, it starts with your initial experience on the entertainment giant’s beautiful, mobile-responsive website. Once you’ve booked a trip to Disneyland, you can use the My Disney Experience tool to plan your entire trip, from where you’ll dine to securing your Fast Pass. In the park, you can use your mobile app to locate the attractions you want to see, as well as view the estimated wait time for each of them. They also have what is known as MagicBand program, this tool acts as a hotel room key, photo storage device for any pictures taken of you with Disney characters, and a food ordering tool.

Therefore Disney makes sure that the consumer can go home with the memories of a significant experience which increases the probability of them returning in the future.

Steps to build the Perfect Omnichannel Marketing Campaign

  • Plan the experience of the consumer beforehand.
  • Start with the basics: Your website and social media channels.
  • Use data as a base while strategizing With the help of CRM data, social listening data, and customer’s online search behavior, you will know how your customer behaves and can accordingly create a solution to address their challenges. 
  • Segment the users and personalize the journey.
  • Seek to solve for the customer every step of the way.
  • Make sure the context is right as bad messaging to the wrong audience at the wrong time turns away future users
  • Use the same messaging across channels, but beware of using boilerplate content. Don’t just copy and paste everything left and right.
  • Give customers a device- and platform-appropriate CTA (Call to Action)
  • Make your organization customer-centric.

Omni-Channel Experience- A Key to Future Success

Our world is becoming increasingly virtual day by day, and I don’t have to explicitly say this for you to get it. Let us be honest here, every one of us looks at our phone the first thing in the morning and the last thing before bed. For the Marketer of the Future this means they could fine tune your consumer experience in such a significant way that you do not forget it. This is much more than a random corporate trying to sell you their new boring printer, as now it’s all about providing you value in the smallest of time intervals so that you Consumer is now the Royalty.

But, but, what about Funding?

Human beings are a unique set of creatures. What differentiates us from the rest of animal kingdom is our ability to think, imagine and visualize. Our brains have the capability to identify a problem and find very realistic solution for the same. And that is where, an overly used and sometimes mispronounced word “entrepreneurship” takes birth. Entrepreneurs are people who have the capacity to identify a visible or sometimes a hidden problem.

They not only throw light to it but also provide a very reasonable solution(s). In that case wouldn’t all of us become entrepreneurs? So, what are some of us doing differently? The most common answer we come up with to explain why we are not converting our million-dollar ideas to million-dollar businesses is in fact not an answer but a question.

“But what about funding?”

Through this article let’s answer that question. Albeit not a new piece of information, I hope the essay gives you a brief summary of a few ways you can possibly raise funds.

1.  Be Bold and Believe

If you have an idea and you know its epic, be the first one to invest in your business. I could put the sentiment in a dramatic way and quote, “If not you, then who”. Investing in your own company not only give you more control on business but it will also help investors to understand that you are serious about what you are trying to achieve.  It will ensure the investors that even if the business hits a bad month or two, you, the proprietor will work through the problems. Not to mention funding your own is least expensive in terms of cost and control.

2. Ask and ye shall receive 

If you do not have any way of raising money then you can always think about other sources. The most common one is asking your family or relatives. The major advantage here is that your family knows you well and it will give them assurance to invest in your business. And if your fear that you would lose control of the business to your relatives, you can always make and maintain contracts that would ensure clear and professional behavior where business is concerned.

3. Angels are Real

Before we understand, what an angel investor is, let’s get something straight and simple. An entity can fund you either through debt, equity or a combination of both. In case of debt, you will need to pledge something as an assurance that the person or institute funding you will not lose their money. You will have to pay back the funds borrowed plus a fee otherwise known as interest rate. But in case of equity, there is no collateral but the fund provider gets some kind of ownership position in the company depending on the fund given to the proprietor.

Angel investors are individuals who offer fund to start ups for a piece of the business. According to business news daily the percentage of business angel investors want in return for fund lies in the range of 20-25%.

4. Good old banks

Although banks wouldn’t be motivated to invest in your business at its incubation stage, it can and will provide funds for working capital against account receivables, inventory and so on. There are several schemes that will help you to receive funds from financial institution and this may vary depending on the nature of your business, the experience you have as an entrepreneur and the general atmosphere of the organization.

Understand that these are just some ways to raise money, now there are also platforms like crowd funding websites like that can solve your fund related problems. At the end of the day if you really believe that you have the answer to an impelling problem then don’t let the hurdle “But what about funding” stop you from blossoming. Remember if the will is strong enough the way appears.

Why you hate Work

What happens when you hate the most in life you will have to do it anyways!

Like in the case of students most of us hate math classes and you do not have any option because if you don’t take it you are not able to accumulate credits and pass in that subject. When people despise their jobs, they become depressed and emotional, making it difficult for them to consider why they might want to stay also you are unable to use your imagination or bring new ideas to the workplace, and it is a frustrating feeling that you are no longer required to think.

It’s a terrible feeling to look forward to going to work every day. You spend your days dealing with angry customers, accepting responsibility for company failures beyond your control, and wasting hours each day battling public transportation to and from work. When you get home from work, you’re so exhausted that you collapse on the sofa and order takeout. You spend more time at work than anywhere else, so it shouldn’t be a source of dissatisfaction. If you believe this is the case, it is time to take action. A negative attitude at work can have a negative impact on not only your performance but also your health. Complaining to coworkers and friends about a bad work environment may feel therapeutic, but it only makes things worse.

Working from home in our Post-Covid Era

Some people are unable to do so because they are preoccupied with other things.

  • If you’re looking for relatable examples
  • I’m not sure how much bread I have.
  • Is it necessary for me to go to the store?
  • What is the current state of the fence?
  • Is it necessary for me to hire someone to fix it?
  • These walls are painted in a color that I truly hate.
  • Perhaps I should bring a television with me to keep me company while I work.

The point is that when you work from home, your mind wanders. It’s also true that the human brain can’t focus on work for the entire workday.

I’d love it if I could find a job that allowed me to do this, but I know some family members who would be better off if they didn’t. They don’t seem to be able to concentrate when they have to work.

Well, from my perspective, I can give specifics on how to stay in a job that you despise and how to stay positive in that job.

  1. Ask yourself why

People frequently leave jobs they hate without first determining what they dislike about them.

  • Are you tired of being bored?
  • Is your commute excessively long?
  • Is the structure of the company too flat?
  • Do you wish you had more peers?
  • Is your job too process-oriented?
  1. Volunteer for passion projects

To avoid any misunderstandings or conflicts, check in with the manager. Outside of the company, work on passion projects such as pro bono public relations and marketing services for local people, minority-owned businesses, and political campaigns.

  1. Create your own goals and rewards
  2. Learn a new skill

Develop a new skill and put your time and effort into improving it. Ask your boss to send you to a seminar or pay for an online course if it’s something that would benefit you in your current job. At the very least, you’ll be able to start preparing for your next job while learning something that interests you.

  1. Practice gratitude

Leave your pessimism at the door, pick up some new skills, and strive to be the best version of yourself. When it’s time to walk out the door, your new boss will appreciate your upbeat demeanor, and you won’t leave a negative impression.

Power of saying ‘No’

‘No’- might be a small word but it is more carries a powerful message when used in the right place. If you’re looking for a peaceful life then you are in the right place. This post is based on my personal experience and how I started to enjoy myself just by saying the simple and easy word- ‘No’!. I used to believe my happiness was based on how well I could please others, but once I started to say ‘Yes to other’s commitments and goals, I had to say ’No’ to myself.

I was in the assumption that the more I could say ‘Yes’ to others, the more I would be happy. But at one point in time, I was burnt out. I was tired of saying Yes, so I decided to start saying No.

Stop being a People Pleaser

Stop being a people pleaser!- It is a highly overrated suggestion from society. We have grown up with it and are still following it for no reason! Everyone suggests pleasing others to have a good impression. Yes, it is good to create a good impression, but that does not mean you need to please everyone. Each one of us is having a limited amount of energy and a limited set of resources.

The biggest problem in saying ’No’ is people take it as rejection. We need to remember that we are only responsible for what we say and what is in our hands and not for what others think and perceive about us. If you start considering others’ opinions you will fall back to the ‘People Pleaser’ zone again. People are afraid to say no because of the same reason. They think they will be rejected, but the truth is when you start saying Yes, you are over-committing too much than your ability.

Learn to say NO!

Have you seen a 5 years old kid, he is happier than an adult. If we boil down to the root cause it is very simple, he does not fear others’ rejection and others’ feelings. He is bothered only about his happiness and is least bothered about what the world thinks about him.

Start by saying ’No’ to small things which do have a huge impact on our daily life. We are grown up and hardwired to say ‘yes’ subconsciously. Even before our mind processes the situation our words speak. There is a lot to unlearn before we learn something new.

Limited Time and Energy!

We need to be aware of the fact that none of us are permanent in this world, and are limited with energy and resources. Life is small and simple. Rather than fulfilling others’ dreams and goals, start to analyze your commitments. When you start saying ‘No’ to others you have more time to fulfil your goals.

One last thing to say, it’s your right to say No and you are not responsible for others’ feelings and emotions.