How Mentorkart is Taking India by Storm

How Mentorkart is Taking India by Storm

Mentokart is a tech based mentoring platform that provides plenty of specialized mentorship programs not only for students but for working professionals and entrepreneurs as well. It is a Delhi based start up that was started in 2020 by Ashish Khare and SK Mohanty. The start up offers various programs such as live mentoring programs, goal based programs and a lot more. It has received funding by the veteran actor Ashish Vidyarthi.

Why is Mentorkart successful:

Mentorkart saw the need for mentors in the market and tapped this opportunity. It became famous for it’s unique coaching programs and it’s well experienced mentors. It provides live sessions with industry experts, one on one sessions with mentors and masterclasses which have contributed immensely to their success. Not only does it have a dedicated team who formulate various personal and professional goals for it’s mentees, it also has mentors who guide them with their wisdom and industry experience. It offers programs like student mentorship program, entrepreneurship program etc. It has mentors who have worked in Big 4 and fortune 500 companies. Currently, they have 40,000 plus mentees enrolled on their platform.

Funding for the mentoring startup:

The mentoring start up has raised 2,50,000 dollars in November 2021 through it’s extended round of funding. It has raised funds from various sources such as Let’s Venture and veteran actor and motivational speaker Ashish Vidyarthi. It plans to invest all the money into improving it’s technology capabilities, building news products and expanding it’s teams.

Other companies that also provide mentoring:

There are various companies that provide mentoring in various fields such as business, design, career etc. Some of the online mentoring platforms are iMentor which provides guidance to students coming from low income backgrounds so that they can graduate high school and college. Envelop is another platform that provides guidance and educational courses to performers and listeners in the music industry. It also conducts workshops to help out it’s mentees.

Supriya Gunasegaran
Supriya Gunasegaran

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